The secret of happiness? I don’t care

This is my very first blog text in English. And it might be a mess of language mistakes, but I don’t care. I only care to share my message…

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 25: during the ASICS Frontrunner Global Meeting on August 25, 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Andy Astfalck)

I just arrived yesterday in Munich, after a fantastic ASICS FrontRunner weekend in Amsterdam. We had the second international FrontRunner meeting since this crew was founded by Jan-Erik Kruse in Germany some years ago. Meanwhile you find these amazing frontrunner guys nearly everywhere in the world.

We had a lots of fun and most of the time there were photographers around us, taking pictures of us. You can see the results everywhere on the social media channels…happy people having fun …feeling fast, moving each other, as experts (like me) or as athletes each with their special stories.

Having a look on those pictures you might feel jealous, if you haven’t been part of this event. Because we all seem so happy. So what’s the secret of our happiness? Well I cannot talk about the others. But I can tell you my little secrets…

Read more about it here…

Foto: Andy Astfalck

(This text is based on a cooperation with ASICS)

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